Each and every vehicle needs to be carefully monitored. Each collection vehicle needs to be tracked for schedule and mapped for efficiency. Each transfer stations needs to be weighted or its output. Each segregation unit needs to be controlled and monitored live. And then the amount of treatment and processing that goes into converting this waste to energy, and the containing any by-products is a task that cannot be executed without deploying cutting edge technology – both in engineering and information. Capturing live data creates pattern data analytics to continuously evolve and make our processes and efficiencies better.


With our web portal and official app which is available on multiple platforms, it’s now easier to manage and solve the waste and garbage problems. Our IT team and CRM executives are always monitoring and handing complaints and public requests.

With our android app, you can track the status of your complaints, know more about the ward managers, register a new complaint with options available such as sending the pictures of wastage.