Committed to Cleaner, Greener India

Each one of us on the planet is a consumer. We consume products, services, food and everything else that nature and mankind has created. A by-product of consumption is waste – accompaniments that we do not consume – such as vegetable or fruit peels, packaging material, plastics, paper, amongst others. Managing this waste is a task. Inappropriate and inadequate management of waste and garbage has known to be the key reason for epidemics, terminal diseases and environment pollution.

Ecogreen Energy is a leading waste management and waste-to-energy company in India. Ecogreen has three large Integrated Solid Waste Management Projects covering entire cities of Gurugram, Faridabad, Lucknow and Gwalior. Ecogreen provides door to door waste collection service to over 18 lakh households, transportation of waste to plant sites where it is segregated and then converted into organic compost, electricity and RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel). RDF is further used in cement plants to generate electricity using state of the art technology.

Ecogreen is contributing significantly towards Swachh Bharat Mission by reducing the waste quantity by about 80-90% thereby creating sustainable and smart cities. The waste, which is a big environment hazard today, generated from the city is converted into organic compost and electricity which is given back to the city. This model of sustainability ensures environmental protection and make the cities independent. All the processes and technology used by Ecogreen are in strict compliance with SWM Rules 2016 and NGT Guidelines. Ecogreen has three waste to energy plant, twenty two waste transfer station with cumulative power generation capacity of 55 MW and daily waste handling capacity of approx. 4500 MT.


To be a leading waste to energy company by providing end to end enterprise solutions and eliminating the need of landfills.


To make the cities cleaner and greener through an integrated mechanized system of waste collection, processing, innovative technology, customer service and education

About Parent Company

Prior Acquisition and New Management Structure

Previously, Ecogreen Energy Private Limited (EEPL) operated under the ownership and guidance of a Chinese management team. As of June 25th, 2024, a full acquisition by a consortium of Indian nationals has been successfully completed.

Leadership for the Future

The newly formed leadership team overseeing project development and implementation comprises esteemed individuals:

  • Mr. Umamaheswara Reddy Bonthu: A social entrepreneur with over two decades of experience. Mr. Bonthu holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from Andhra University. His dedication to social and environmental well-being has driven his 14+ years in the Solid Waste Management (SWM) sector. His extensive contributions to SWM initiatives alongside the Government of Andhra Pradesh demonstrate his commitment to the field.

  • Mr. Sasanka Velidandla: An accomplished professional with over 25 years of experience, Mr. Velidandla serves as both Director and Independent Consultant. He holds a distinguished position as a core team member of the Sanitation division within both the Ministry of Jal Shakti and the Ministry of Urban Development for the Government of India. Mr. Velidandla further exemplifies his leadership by serving as the CEO of the WASH Institute, a prominent Indian sanitation organization. His Master of Business Administration degree from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad complements his expertise. Mr. Velidandla’s longstanding (13+ years) advocacy for sustainable technologies aligns perfectly with Cube Bio-Energy’s mission. His specific areas of interest include SWM, Decentralized Sanitation, Fecal Sludge Management, and Urban Agriculture. Furthermore, Mr. Velidandla brings valuable knowledge of FSM technologies, having experience developing and implementing solutions throughout India. He currently serves Cube Bio-Energy in a senior advisory role.

  • Mr. Pulagam Srinivasa Nagarjuna Reddy: The existing Director of Ecogreen Energy India, will continue to lead and supervise project implementation and overall operations with the support of the newly formed management. His experience and leadership will ensure continuity and strategic direction, maintaining the company’s commitment to excellence in sustainable energy solutions amidst recent organizational changes.

Earlier, Ecogreen Energy was a subsidiary of Zheneng Jinjiang Environment Holding Company Limited (ZJE) and has been setup for its International Business Operations. ZJE is one of the leading Waste to Energy companies listed on Singapore Stock Exchange. ZJE has over 41 Waste to Energy plants in China with cumulative power generation capacity of 900+ MW and daily waste handling capacity of 59,260 tonnes.

ZJE is part of the Hangzhou Jinjiang Group (HJJ), which is a diversified conglomerate and one of the top 300 rated groups in China. ZJE is a pioneer in Waste to Energy business since 1983 and is listed on SGX with a valuation of over SGD 1Billion.

Jinjiang Environment is a pioneer and leading waste-to-energy operator in China’s waste incineration power generation industry. In 1998, Jinjiang Environment constructed the first differential-density circulating fluidised bed waste incineration power plant in China.The Group is the first waste incineration power generation enterprise to develop and industrialise the differential-density circulating fluidised bed in China. The Group also has an established track record in investment, construction, operations, and management,and is currently China’s largest operator in terms of waste treatment capacity.

On 3 August 2016, Jinjiang Environment was listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange, marking an important milestone for the Group. The Group was the first waste incineration power generation enterprise to list in Singapore and the first Chinese-funded enterprise to list there since 2011.