We are in the business of collecting the refuse of households and making good from it – be that compost or power, which is then sold to the power grids to be transferred to households. Our business and services live the complete cycle of the word ‘RECYCLE’. We collect refuse of your homes and give you compost and electricity from the same.

Efficiency is the keyword here. Pre-scheduled and timely collection of waste is important to keep the end consumer delighted. And in our case, end consumer is every household we collect this waste from. Hence, we have deployed state of the art technology, machinery and infrastructure to keep this under check :

  • Mini Tippers for efficient collection
  • Effective monitoring of all vehicles through GPS / RFID
  • In-time efficient Waste Collection through Computerised Route Mapping
  • Efficient user charge collection
  • Installation of Mini Transfer Stations at strategic locations to collect, compact, and transport waste directly received from mini trippers
  • Secondary transportation – by Compactors for bins of 1.1 and 3.5 cubic meter
  • Online monitoring of Waste Collection
  • Online monitoring of User Charges Collection
  • Online Complaint Redressal System
  • Display of Online Monitoring System at Strategic Locations