Over the last few years of operation, our business services have come to integrate day to day life with cutting edge in technology – whether it is waste collection, transportation, conversion to electricity, making compost, or taking simple measures towards environmental stability and betterment, we have made it our motto to stay environmentally conscious and commercially viable. Today, our focus areas are Environment Consciousness, Environment & Solid Waste Management, Environment & Clean Energy, Environment & Technology

envirment Garbage is a by-product of daily life. It is produced in tonnes. By the end of this century, garbage collected per day globally would be around 11 million tonnes, which estimates to 3 times of what it is today. Proper arrangement for disposal of garbage in cities is important. At 110,000 tonnes of waste per day, Urban India contributes significantly to the landfill sites. At Ecogreen Energy, we are working towards collecting, transfer and disposal of the waste scientifically and in the most environment conscious manner.
EnvironmentSolidWasteManagementThe ultimate solution to the problem of landfills must include reduction of waste going into such sites, however the fact is that landfills aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. This is the time when we need to turn rotting lemons (garbage) into lemonade (energy through Solid Waste Management). From door-to-door collection, to transferring to compacting stations, to mechanised segregation, composting and processing the inorganic waste to make energy, Ecogreen Energy is used cutting edge in technology and gadgetry to make this exercise superior to the benchmarks set in the industry, and in compliance to the guidelines of the land.
CleanEnergy We use waste as fuel for generating power, in much the same way as other power plants use fossil fuels. However, in our case, the process can reduce community landfill volume by up to 90 percent, and prevent one ton of carbon dioxide release for every ton of waste burned. Each and every step is closely monitored for efficiency and scientifically infused with both engineering and information technology. A 1000-ton per day Waste To Energy plant produces enough electricity for 15,000 households. Each tone of waste can power a household for a month.
TechnologyWe are moving mountains of garbage. In fact making them vanish. Each and every truckload needs to be carefully monitored. Each collection vehicle needs to be tracked for schedule and mapped for efficiency. Each transfer stations needs to be weighted or its output. Each segregation unit needs to be controlled and monitored live. And then the amount of treatment and processing that goes into converting this waste to energy, and the containing any by-products is a task that cannot be executed without deploying cutting edge technology – both in engineering and information. Capturing live data creates pattern data analytics to continuously evolve and make our processes and efficiencies better.
ChangingScenarioThe landscape of the nation is lined with dirt and garbage littered all around. While much can be attributed to callousness, most of it actually has to do with inappropriate management of waste. With the continued efforts of various municipal corporations and our association with corporations in Gwalior, Lucknow, Faridabad and Gurugram, we are on a mission to change this landscape. Our efforts have been gradual. And it is now that they are bearing results that are evident to the eye.